Monday, January 21, 2019

Service Learning

If you are a student at Phoenix College, a staff or faculty member, or a member from the community who wants to do a service learning project at PC via one of the STEAM disciplines, we'd love to connect you to others who can help with this. 

A service learning project is a specific project that benefits the community. There are many ways you can do a service learning project.

For example, students have used Mathematics to help the PC Food Pantry with their questions related to logistics and inventory.  There are other ways to help the food pantry also: through Science, Technology, Engineering, or the Arts.

What is your calling to serve the community you live in?  In addition to helping the PC food pantry, there are many other ways you can help in the community.

To find out more, feel free to contact us,  or visit PC's Service Learning Website for additional information.

Note: If you are STEAM faculty member who is interested in mentoring a project but are unsure how to get started, we can help connect you with colleagues who have mentored a project in a STEAM discipline, contact us to get started.

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