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2019-2020 STEAM Committee

Our mission is to foster success in STEAM disciplines through interdisciplinary and professional support for students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

The committee consists of faculty, staff, and administers who volunteer their time in support of the STEAM disciplines. This website serves as a way to communicate and disseminate information of the various STEAM initiatives at Phoenix College to internal and external constituencies.


Frank Marfai
Jamison Weddle


Amanda Chapman
Anna Marti-Subirana
Dana Wang
Diane Hirsch
Doug Berry
Erik Erspamer
Lucia Rodriguez
Jennifer Shea
Josh James
Lupe Conchas
Maria Reyes
Maggie McGraw
Nichole Spencer
Nick Rouse
Robin Cotter
Seth Goodman
Stephanie Madison
Tatum Begay

Student representative -  Amanda Gibbs

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The link below will take you to the internal pages accessible to members of the PC STEAM committee. If you are a faculty or staff member who needs access to the internal pages, please use the Contact Us page to contact the webmaster.

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